Friday, May 8, 2009

Proof of Concepts

So what is a Proof of Concept? A confidence builder for both you and your customer. Your customer will have the chance to see the fruits of your labor. Be able to offer feedback on what they expected vs. what you gave them. You now have real experience with the subject matter. You should be able to give relatively quick answers of "yeah we can do that", or "how about we do it this way". Also, it’s a place for us to ignore the realities of development and build something just for the sake of completing a task quickly. A place for us to learn the bounds of the technology. There are no rules in the Proof of Concept. Most important, its completely throwaway. Don't bother even checking this piece of crap into source control. I'm serious don't do it. Your next attempt at implementation will be 10 times better than anything you can steal from the proof. If we intended to keep the code, it would have been called a "Draft". Next time Solution Organization

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